MTV Debuts 'Catfish' Trailer for Expanded Season 2 (Video)

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Ready to get catfished?

MTV has released a two-minute trailer for unscripted phenomenon Catfish: The TV Show, which returns for an expanded 16-episode second season later this month. Hosts Nev Schulman, who was spoofed by Adam Levine on Saturday Night Live, and Max Joseph continue their journey to uncover hidden secrets -- and truths -- behind online romances.

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The trailer features the duo embarking on a slew of "mysteries," with relationship issues including a girl who still hasn't met the love of her life (as she terms it) eight years after the pair first connected on the web and a man who has provided money (and his bank account number) to a woman he met on the Internet.

"Woahhhhh!" Schulman and Joseph exclaim at one point as they stare at their laptop, presumably after coming across a juicy revelation. Moments later Joseph says something that might pique viewers' interests: "Wow, Catfish curveball!" What does that even look like?

Prior to Catfish's return, MTV will air the 30-minute special Hooked on Catfish: The Road to Season Two at 11 p.m. on June 17, during which viewers will get a sneak peek at the new season: the stories of Cassie, a Florida girl who pursues her Atlanta-rapper fiance, Steve, whom she's never met; and Anthony, an Iraq veteran captivated by a mystery man named Marq.

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The Catfish premiere was the network's highest-rated 11 p.m. launch ever and was its highest-rated series debut since 2007. Season one averaged 2.4 million viewers, and swelled to 2.8 million for its Jan. 21 episode amid the Manti Te'o "catfish" controversy that dominated the media. Fox's Glee also employed a multi-episode "catfish" arc for one of its characters during season four.

Watch the trailer below:

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Catfish returns June 25 at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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