MTV's 'The Inbetweener's American Remake Debuts Trailer (Video)

The UK megahit about the awkwardness of high school will premiere in August.

MTV is giving this another shot.

While the network's effort to bring the edgy UK teen hit Skins across the pond yielded seemingly more petitions than loyal viewers, they'll take another stab at the trans-Atlantic remake with the new-old series The Inbetweeners. A massive hit in the UK, with three successful seasons on E4 and a film that beat The Hangover, Part II at the box office last year, it's a promising property, and ripe for a translation for those that speak English, but not English.

The network has kept many of the British show's fundamental details, such as the name of the four teenage guys on which it focuses (Will MacKenzie, Simon Cooper, Jay Cartwright and Neil Sutherland), as well as some of the smaller ones: the fact that Will carries a briefcase and his mother is very attractive; that Simon is in love with a childhood friend named Carly and has a tiny yellow car; and that Neil is a dunce.

VIDEO: The Cast of The Inbetweeners on Their New Comedy

There are a few differences evident in this first trailer: the boys throw a football (in the UK, they kick one, and a diferent kind at that), and Jay is no longer a skinny kid, but the largest of hte four.

The UK version is available on Netflix; MTV's remake hits cable on August 20 at 10 PM. And here's hoping it works out -- Paramount has already moved toward making a US film adaptation, too.

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