MTV Unveils Jam-Packed 'Teen Wolf' Season 3 Trailer (Video)

The supernatural drama returns for the remaining episodes Jan. 6.

Teen Wolf is getting scarier by the minute.

MTV unveiled a new two-minute trailer touting the second half of season three, returning Jan. 6, and things aren't looking so good for Scott (Tyler Posey) and Co.

The creepy trailer is accentuated by phrases like "You opened a door in your minds," and "This power is like a magnet; it will draw them here." It all hypes up the darkness -- which includes unstoppable demons -- that takes over the remaining 12 episodes of the series.

Allison (Crystal Reed) is being haunted by her dead aunt, while Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) is "straight up losing" his mind.

Watch the trailer below.

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