MTV's 'Washington Heights' Preview Features Young People Struggling to Make it (Video)

The two-minute sneak peek at the new unscripted series highlights the core group's life battles.

One day after MTV said goodbye to Jersey Shore, the network has released a preview of the new unscripted series, Washington Heights.

Washington Heights follows nine best friends from the New York CIty neighborhood as they navigate the obstacles in their way of individual pursuits.

The two-minute trailer shows the cast struggling to break through, with situations like how they'll make rent, being "super broke," trying to make it big (as one of the twentysomethings says so eloquently when they arrive at where they're supposed to perform, at what looks to be a dingy "taco spot") and attempting to get hired. Many of them have dreams of being fashion designers, models, singers and the like.

The motto of the show seems to be this, as a hiring manager tells one of the nine friends: "Hustle beats talent."

Cheryl Horner Sirulnick, George McTeague and Patrick Reardon are executive producers, with Chris Linn, Shannon Fitzgerald, Christy Spitzer, Beck Hickey, Craig Sloane and Jim Czarnecki.

Washington Heights, produced by Gigantic! Productions, launches with back-to-back episodes 10 p.m. Jan. 9 on MTV.

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