Gadhafi's Death Predicted By 80s Sitcom (Video)

1987's "Second Chance" had the Libyan leader die in 2011 on its pilot

The public should have paid closer attention to one-season show Second Chance when it aired during the 1987-1988 season. 

Apparently the show could see into the future.

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The sitcom, which was Matthew Perry's first foray into television, featured a now slightly-eerie caricature of Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi, who was captured and killed in Sirte, Libya, it was announced Thursday. 

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Second Chance, which was cancelled after just one season's run, opened in Saint Peter's Office on the then-future day of July 29, 2011. Characters' lives were judged to determine whether or not they were going to heaven or hell.  

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Gadhafi, was the second to be judged, was told he was "quite dead, completely dead" before trying to kill St. Peter with a machine gun, before the Saint retorted "you never could take a joke." He was then sent to hell, where he was sentenced to spent eternity wired as a human bomb, blowing up every two minutes. 

So, to recap. Second Chances, a one-season show made in 1987, predicted that  Gadhafi would die July 29, 2011. They got the day wrong, but the year is right on.

Watch the video below.