Watch the Pitch That Convinced ABC to Reboot 'The Muppets'

Muppets Upfronts - H 2015

Muppets Upfronts - H 2015

Ever want to see the pitch that convinced ABC to reboot The Muppets? The wait is over.

Following the series' public debut at Comic-Con, ABC has released the 10-minute pilot presentation creators Bill Prady, Bob Kushell and Randall Einhorn filmed that led to the reset of the beloved franchise.

Producers had about a month to create a script for the reboot, first announced in early April. The new series finds Kermit getting the gang back together for a new show, offering a look at their personal and professional lives as they reunite for a late-night talk show hosted by Miss Piggy.

"The whole show takes place behind the scenes at Up Late With Miss Piggy," Kushell told fans at Comic-Con of the faux show that airs behind Jimmy Kimmel. Kermit is Piggy's executive producer; Gonzo is her head writer, along with Pepe and Rizzo. Scooter is the talent coordinator. Fozzie is Piggy's on-air sidekick; Bobo is the stage manager and Sam Eagle is the head of broadcast standards for the network; while the Swedish Chef is also in charge of craft services and Rowlf owns a tavern across the street from the studio where he plays piano.

"The trick of the show, if it works, is to show the Muppets in our world. There's no barrier between the world they're in and the world we're in," Prady said, noting that Einhorn is carefully shooting the series like a documentary.

Check out the 10-minute presentation below. The footage screened to overwhelming adoration at Comic-Con. Kermit, Piggy, Gonzo, Fozzie and their friends — as well as the original "Muppeteers" behind them — received a rare standing ovation at the July 11 panel.