'Muppets' Miss Piggy Talks Tabloid Photos on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' (Video)

The Muppets - Movie Still: Miss Piggy - H - 2011
Scott Garfield/Disney Enterprises

Sure, Ringer star Sarah Michelle Gellar sat down for an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday. But the real star of the night was The Muppets actress Miss Piggy.

Always a humble swine, Miss Piggy, wearing a fuzzy pink sweater and pearls, opened with, “I am so happy for you. This must be the most significant event in the show’s history. You finally booked a star, a real star.”

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Piggy talked about not having a star on the Walk of Fame (she’s OK with it) and her relationship with long-time beau Kermit the Frog. “We’re not married. I mean, we are in our hearts of course,” she said of her relationship. “We have the longest running interspecies relationship in Hollywood.”

Kimmel asked how Miss Piggy stays out of the tabloids, only for the porcine actress to admit she’s been trying to get into the papers for some time.

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“I want to make my Kermie jealous. I want pictures of me and [George] Clooney in the tabloids,” said Piggy. She also added that she’s a fan of the Real Housewives reality series.

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Miss Piggy has been getting plenty of press lately, appearing at The Muppets premiere on Saturday, and doing a fashion spread for InStyle. She has also made an appearance on WWE Monday Night Raw and appeared in plenty of promotional ads for the upcoming film.

The Muppets, co-written and starring Jason Segel, is the first Muppets theatrical release in 12 years. The Disney film will open in theaters on Nov. 23.