'Awkward's' Jillian Rose Reed Dishes on Season 2, 'My Super Psycho Sweet 16 Part 3'

The actress makes her debut as a scream queen on the conclusion of MTV's horror franchise Tuesday at 10 p.m.
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Most viewers would know actress Jillian Rose Reed as the super quirky Tamara from last summer’s sleeper hit, MTV’s Awkward. But, she’ll make her horror movie debut in the third and final installment of the network’s horror franchise, Super Psycho Sweet 16, which premieres Tuesday at 10 p.m.

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“I think viewers are going to be really surprised,” Reed tells The Hollywood Reporter of the trilogy’s final installment. “I was surprised reading the script about the big twist, and kind of how it all comes to an end. At the same time, you’re definitely getting all of the gore, and the blood and guts that we saw in the first two, so it kind of just all wraps together very nicely, and I think that fans of the first two are going to be really satisfied with the ending of the third.”

THR spoke to Reed about the experience of shooting her first horror movie, and what we can expect from Awkward’s upcoming second season.

MTV has already released photos of an amazing fire scene from the movie. What was that like?
Jillian Rose Reed: Oh my gosh. That was that’s the craziest thing that I’ve ever had to shoot. First of all, we had to it in the pouring rain. It was so cold and I was laying on the ground, and so I’m like just there and shivering. And I was actually just waiting for the fire to go off, just to feel a little bit of warmth. But at the same time, Lauren [McKnight] and I were wigging out, because we were pretty close to it. It was so scary, but it’s thrilling. There’s this awesome moment where Lauren just kind of walks away from this fire and it’s such a cool scene to shoot.

So, I know you’ve started shooting on Awkward. How does Tamara start off Season 2?
Reed: Well, at the end of Season 1, you get a little bit of closure to the Ricky/Tamara rollercoaster relationship drama. We end up together at the end of dance. Season 2 starts off a little bit rocky. There’s more drama with Ricky and Tamara, as usual. I think Tamara really is kind of coming into her own, and she’s the same goofy best friend, but she’s also more of a rock for Jenna. She’s kind of that person who’s saying to her, ‘You know what? You’re not going to take the easy way out of things this year. Things are going to be different.’ She’s still crazy and dirty, but she’s really helping Jenna through a lot of her trouble that she’s in.

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When did you find out that her mother had written the care-frontation note and what did you think when you heard?
Reed: We didn’t get the last script until about, I think it was a week before we shot it, and it was funny, because everybody on set was walking around with their heads buried in their phones, or their computers, and everybody just wanted to read, and then we got to the last scene and it was omitted. We didn’t get to read it. So, the only people who knew about the ending were the people who were in the scene, which coincidentally was just Ashley, so nobody knew anything. And there were all of these like rumors, and people trying to figure out what was happening. We didn’t get to see it until it aired on TV with everybody else.

That is so mean.
Reed: It was crazy. We were all so anxious. I am just hoping that, that’s not how it’s done this year, because I think that this season is so good, and the ending is going to probably be killer once again, and I don’t know if I’m going to be able to handle having to wait.

Are there any other projects on the horizon after Awkward?
Right now, I’m totally focused on Awkward, but I’m just really hoping to start auditioning again afterward. I’m hoping that I’ll get a chance to do more movies during this hiatus, because Super Psycho was my first one and I really enjoyed it. So I’m hoping to do more.

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