'Mystery Science Theater 3000' Crew Tears Into 'Stranger Things' In New Video

Stranger Things MST3K - Publicity - H 2017

"Sometimes truth is stranger than ... things?"

In honor of the reboot's premiere, Jonah Ray and his Mystery Science Theater 3000 crew picked apart "Chapter One" of Stranger Things, its sister show on Netflix, for a special promo. 

In the video, Ray and his robots sit down to watch the first episode of the show as the camera zooms in on the "gray-ish brown-ish world of the early '80s," with Jim Hopper (David Harbour). Jokes about the wall art, the "fat-screen" TV, even that "mashed potato sculpture on the couch" cover the rest of the scene. 

They even pick on writer/director duo Duffer Brothers ("the Duffer Mothers must be so proud") and the title ("I think this is the prequel to Strangest Things"), but they do end on a high note. "You know, I could totally binge-watch this guy."

Harbour responded to the video Friday on Twitter: "The @MST3K guys body shaming me may just be the greatest moment of my career."

Creator Joel Hodgson is joined by Ray, Felicia Day and Patton Oswalt for the new iteration of Mystery Science Theater 3000, which dropped Friday on Netflix. 

Watch the video below.