Nancy Grace: Conrad Murray 'Should Have Gotten Murder One'

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Obligations to Dancing With the Stars may have kept Nancy Grace from offering live HLN commentary on the Conrad Murray verdict, but that hardly means she's curbing her opinion about Michael Jackson's doctor, convicted earlier today of involuntary manslaughter.

The Hollywood Reporter caught up with the legal analyst after her low-scoring performance on Monday's Dancing With the Stars, and in addition to being in surprisingly good spirits, she entertained reporters backstage with a side of herself she rarely shows on the lighthearted competition.  

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"I've been talking about Michael Jackson since he was charged with child molesting," Grace tells THR. "I made it very clear what I thought after I read the autopsy report and the state's and the defense's evidence. Yes, of course I would have liked to weigh in on the verdict, but I've weighted in what I thought the verdict would be, including what it would be and when it would come in. Luckily, I was two for two."

And while Nancy is pleased with the conviction, she says she wishes the trial had gone a little differently.

"I think the whole charging decision was wrong," she says. "He should have been charged with Murder One... He should be doing life behind bars."

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Jail time, for the record, is something she sees in his future. Grace says that those expecting house arrest might want to change their bets to the maximum four-year sentence in prison.

"When he gets out, I've got news for him: God's gonna get him," she says, candidly. "He's gonna be miserable. He can run, but he can't hide. Hey, he and Casey Anthony can have a tea party in four years."

As for her own immediate future, the leader board and the judges' critiques make it look like this could be her last week on the Dancing With the Stars. Judge Len Goodman, in particular, was grim about her prospects of staying in the competition, comparing her to Cinderella just shy of midnight.

"That's Len's personality. It rolls right off my back," she says of the harsh words. "It wasn't the first time and god willing it won't be the last."