Nancy Grace Discusses Casey Anthony Trial Verdict on Good Morning America (Video)

The HLN host says that one “kooky jury” won’t stop her pursuit of justice for missing and exploited children.

Nancy Grace continues her media blitz following the shocking not guilty verdict of Casey Anthony’s highly publicized trial.

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Speaking with George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America Wednesday, Grace discussed her feelings for Caylee, and her own extensive coverage of the case on HLN.
When asked whether she had any second thoughts regarding the coverage, Grace responded: “George. I tell the truth. Am I taking the heat for it? Yeah. Is that gonna make me stop looking for missing children and trying to solve unsolved homicides? No. I’m not going to let some kooky jury stop justice. Not for me anyway.”

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Regarding the alleged “media assassination,” as dubbed by the defense team, Grace insists that there has only been one victim in this situation.
“Well apparently there was no assassination because Tot Mom is going to walk out of jail, probably tomorrow,” she said. “And she’s probably gonna get a million dollar book deal, and maybe a quarter million dollars for ‘licensing fees’ for photos, and she’s gonna be living on easy street. Living the sweet life that she’s got tattooed on her back. So I hardly think anyone was assassinated here except for Caylee.”

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Anthony received a tattoo reading “Bella Vita,” or “Beautiful Life,” on July 2, 2008 while daughter Caylee was missing.  
Watch the full clip below.

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