Naomi Scott Considers 'Aladdin' Co-Star Will Smith: "He's the Least Disappointing Superstar"

Ahead of Aladdin's release on May 24, actress Naomi Scott dropped into Jimmy Kimmel Live! to chat with the host about the project and her role as Jasmine. 

Welcoming his guest to the interview seat, Kimmel joked about Scott's future now that she's firmly embedded into the Aladdin world and a role model for children everywhere. "You're doomed to be Princess Jasmine every day of your life," he said, adding, "you might as well be in a Chucky Cheese costume."

Scott went on to share a story of being at a screening full of screaming little girls. "They attacked me and I was like, wow, that felt real," she laughed. 

Talking about the film itself, Kimmel asked Scott about her fandom. "Of course, I loved the movie growing up," she said, mentioning how she used to watch the film with her brother — he loved Aladdin, she loved Jasmine and they would re-enact scenes from the animated movie. "Somehow I always got relegated to Abu, they monkey," she recalled.

When asked about her singing, which Kimmel noted was "really great," Scott said she really was singing in many parts of the film, working with Simon Hayes (Les Miserables) on the musical numbers. "It was a great opportunity to sing live," she said, before emphasizing the comedy of it all. "Literally I'm just singing A cappella on my own, on the set," she laughed. "The worst part is, you can't really hear yourself."

Kimmel asked his guest about her co-star, Will Smith, whom she admitted to being a fan of. "He is the least disappointing superstar to ever meet, she said, "I highly recommend meeting him." Scott then revealed that her brother, also a huge fan, owns a life-size Will Smith cut-out figure. "He's married and he still has it now," she said. 

Of the film's director, Guy Ritchie, Kimmel commented that he's known for action films, "really rough" movies," suggesting this is out of the box for him. Scott named him as one of her favorite people, promptly following up with a story of how she FaceTimed Ritchie on his birthday and he answered the phone while sitting next to David Beckham. The men had just been to the spa.