Netflix's 'Narcos' Replacing Showrunner for Third Time


Ok, Netflix's drama about the real-life exploits of Pablo Escobar, the drug lord's drug lord, is hardly a new discovery. But for fans of foreign-language drama, the Colombian-set series is hard to beat, creating an immersive world of bad men doing bad things with mostly bad haircuts (well, it was the '80s after all).

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There's yet another change at the top of Netflix's Narcos.

The Golden Globe-nominated drama is making its third showrunner change. Gone is Adam Fierro, and in are Jose Padilha and Eric Newman, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

This marks the third showrunner change overall for the drug-cartel drama revolving around crime lord Pablo Escobar.

Chris Brancato, who oversaw the first season of the project starring Wagner Moura, exited ahead of the series debut for an overall deal with ABC Studios and to run ABC's midseason biblical drama Of Kings and Prophets.

The Gaumont International Television effort stars Moura as Escobar and tells the story of the Medellin Cartel, once the world's most ambitious and violent trafficking organization. 

Padilha and Newman will work with a team of writers on season two.