Nat Geo Debuts First Trailer for 'Killing Jesus' (Exclusive Video)

Nat Geo has already assassinated two presidents (Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy) in its growing scripted efforts, but this spring it goes a little further back into history with Killing Jesus.

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The third adaptation in the series of books from Fox News personality Bill O'Reilly and co-scribe Martin Dugard, the telepic wrapped shooting in Morocco in November. Now, the cable network has put out a first look with a behind-the-scenes trailer — set to officially bow for television critics later on Wednesday.

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Skirting the traditional treatment of Jesus' death, the book and movie focus more on political machinations than biblical miracles.

"Obviously, the biblical story has been told and told again," says executive producer David Zucker. "But we [tried] to get a perspective looking at the conspiratorial, social and political realities at the time that coalesced and resulted in crucifixion."

Killing Jesus stars Haaz Sleiman, Kelsey Grammer, Stephen Moyer and  Emmanuelle Chriqui.