Natalie Portman Accidentally Texted Meryl Streep Invitations to Her Family's Jewish Holidays

LATE NIGHT WITH SETH MEYERS -  Episode 772 - Natalie Portman - Publicity -H 2018
Lloyd Bishop/NBC

Natalie Portman experienced an only-in-Hollywood mix-up, she revealed on Thursday's episode of Late Night.

After discussing Hanukkah with host Seth Meyers, Portman said, "I had a weird Jewish holiday thing this year."

She explained that her cousin, Meryl, moved from New York to Los Angeles with her husband last year. "We've been inviting them to all our Jewish holidays and everything and the last three holidays she didn't reply," said Portman. "I was like, 'Did I do something to offend her? Did I hurt her feelings? Is she holding a grudge?' I was like, 'She's totally not that type of person.'"

Portman said that she started to draft a text to her cousin with an invitation to her family's Yom Kippur celebration. "So I looked when I went to text her, I realized I had two Meryls in my phone book and I'd been texting Meryl Streep," she said. "I was like, 'Oh no!"'

"Of course I called and explained," she continued.

Her cousin, who is an illustrator, later drew a portrait of Streep with the message, "Natalie, may you be inscribed in the book of life. And stop texting me." The drawing was signed with Streep's name.

Earlier in the segment, Meyers asked how the dynamic between actresses in the entertainment industry has changed since the Time's Up movement. The host referenced Brie Larson's previous comment that she didn't have many female friends in the industry because there were not many opportunities for them to interact.

"It's this weird thing where there's usually like a girl in the movie. It's like this Smurfette syndrome where it's like all guys and then there's the girl in the movie," she said.

The Time's Up movement marked the first time many women in Hollywood had the opportunity to come together, Portman said. "We rarely get the chance to work together, and so it was like this weird thing where we had kind of seen each other at a party or met briefly for a second, but this was the first time we were all in a room talking to each other, sharing stories and connecting and working together," she said. "It's been completely life-changing."

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