Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin's Reunion on 'Castle' Recalls Great 'Firefly' Moments (Video)

The pair come together during an episode of ABC's quirky mystery show after flying through space years ago in Joss Whedon's short-lived series.

Forgive some fans if they're seeing a rickety space ship instead of a police station during tonight's episode of Castle.

This evening marks the reunion of star Nathan Fillion and his Firefly co-star Adam Baldwin, making for a fan frenzy of nostalgia. True, Firefly ran for less than a full season on Fox in 2002, but it garnered one of the most passionate fan bases around, and the idea of having Captain Malcolm Reynolds (Fillion) and hot head Jayne Cobb (Baldwin) together again -- even if it's in a modern day mystery show, not the sci-fi series -- is particularly exciting.

In celebration of their reunion -- the first since 2005's Firefly film Serenity -- here are some of Firefly's best Jayne moments, many paired with Mal. And for much more on the episode, click over to Baldwin's conversation with THR about the genesis of the appearance and what fans can expect.