Native American in 'Daily Show' Redskins Segment: I "Was Afraid for My Life"

Washington Redskins Helmets - H 2014
AP Photo/Nick Wass

Washington Redskins Helmets - H 2014

It turns out that the Daily Show's recent segment addressing the debate over the Washington Redskins' name was a bad experience for participants on both sides.

Migizi Pensoneau, a Native American who appeared in the face-off with Redskins fans, wrote in an essay for the Missoula Independent that he felt threatened when he and other Native Americans attended a Redskins Nation tailgate for the show.

"There were points during that hourlong experience where I actually was afraid for my life," Pensoneau wrote. "I have never been so blatantly threatened, mocked or jeered. It was so intense, so full of vitriol that none of the footage ended up being used in the segment."

Pensoneau said that one Redskins fan, whom he describes as a "blonde little wisp of a girl," did not appreciate his satirical "Caucasians" T-shirt and said to him, "I'll f—king cut you."

Redskins fan Kelli O'Dell, who was also involved in the segment, previously told the Washington Post that she felt so uncomfortable during the segment that she called the police about the situation. But Pensoneau wrote that O'Dell felt this way because "she knew she was wrong."

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The controversial segment, which aired Sept. 25, can be seen below.

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