NBC's Midseason Drama 'Awake' Temporarily Shuts Down Production

Jason Isaacs - TV Still: Awake - H - 2011
Lewis Jacobs/NBC

NBC's midseason entry Awake, starring Jason Isaacs, will temporarily shut down production.

Production on the ambitious, complex drama, which the network is planning on rolling out in the coming months, will shut down after principal photography on the fifth episode is completed on Friday. The series will then take a four-week break to allow the writers to hammer out scripts before resuming production on its sixth episode on Monday, Nov. 28.

Created by Kyle Killen, Awake revolves around Detective Michael Britten (Isaacs) who discovers that he is living in dual realities, one in which his son is dead and the other in which his wife is no longer alive. Laura Allen, Wilmer Valderrama, Steve Harris, Michaela McManus and Dylan Minnette co-star in the 20th TV production.

"I tried really hard to make sure everything you need to know, the show has told you in the first 10 minutes [of the pilot]," Killen told The Hollywood Reporter at Comic-Con. "So after that, it is tricky and there's a lot going on. And you might benefit or catch things if you watch it a second or third time."

Killen is no stranger to series relying heavily on two realities. His previous effort, Fox's short-lived Lone Star, suffered in the ratings, forcing the network to give the Texas-set drama the axe after only two airings.