NBC News Cameraman's Parents Speak on Ebola Diagnosis: "He's Scared and Worried"

The medical correspondent and her team, who were in Liberia with the 33-year-old American, will self-quarantine for 21 days
Ashoka Mukpo

Following the alert that an NBC News freelance cameraman caught Ebola while working in Liberia, his parents offered an update on the condition of their son, Ashoka Mukpo.

"He's scared and worried — he's been filming what's been happening in Liberia for two weeks and seeing the death and tragedy, and now it’s really hit home for him,"  said his father, Dr. Mitchell Levy, on Today on Friday morning. "But his spirits are better today; he knows he's going to come home."

Mukpo has shown mild symptoms of the disease, and is headed back to the U.S. for treatment on Sunday. He had been hired on Tuesday as second cameraman for NBC News' chief medical editor and correspondent, Dr. Nancy Snyderman, after working in Liberia for the past three years.

"Everyone here is hyper-alert. We have not been in close proximity. No one shakes hands. There’s no hugging," Snyderman told Today. She and her team are being flown back to the United States "to send the right message" and plan to quarantine themselves upon their return.

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