NBC Pushes Premiere Dates for 'Superstore,' 'Connecting'

America Ferrera
Casey Durkin/NBC

Viewers of Superstore will need to wait a little bit longer for America Ferrera's final episodes of the show.

NBC is moving the season premiere of the show, along with that of first-year comedy Connecting…, back a week. Superstore will debut on Oct. 29 rather than Oct. 22, and Connecting…, a COVID-era show from Blindspot creator Martin Gero and Brendan Gall, is set for Oct. 8 instead of Oct. 1.

The network has also moved up the premiere date for This Is Us from Nov. 10 to Oct. 27, making that series among the first network dramas back on the air.

Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that the changes to Connecting… and Superstore are largely related to sports. NBC is broadcasting all remaining games of the NHL's Stanley Cup Finals, and while the latest date for a potential seventh game is Sept. 30, a long series could trigger the need for some additional schedule shuffling. The third and final presidential debate is also scheduled for Oct. 22, Superstore's original debut date.

The first two episodes of Superstore's sixth season will serve as a farewell to Ferrera's character. Ferrera announced her departure from the show in February, but production on what would have been her final appearance was shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. She'll be a guest star on the two episodes, one of which will show how the Cloud Nine staff have adjusted to working retail during the pandemic.