NBC Unveils Jimmy Fallon's 'Tonight Show' Logo, Plans 'Best of Late Night' Special

As the network prepares to move the host to its choice time slot, there's now new art and a primetime clip show to raise awareness.
"The onight Show With Jimmy Fallon"

Jimmy Fallon is not long for his extremely late time slot. The Late Show host makes his official debut as the new face of The Tonight Show on Feb. 17, after Jay Leno's exit, and NBC is not waiting until the Winter Olympics to promote the changing of the guard.

PHOTOS: Jimmy Fallon's Journey From 'SNL' to 'The Tonight Show'

Ahead of Fallon's return to former stomping ground Saturday Night Live on Dec. 21, the comedian tweeted the new Tonight Show logo for his upcoming reign. A simple font over the silhouette of the moon, the new logo also heralds the longtime series' move back to New York City from Burbank, Calif.

NBC is also hoping to raise awareness for Jimmy's move with a two-hour primetime special on Sunday, Jan. 5. Filling the gaping hole left by Sunday Night Football, The Best of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon will look back on the nearly five years that Fallon has toplined the show since Conan O'Brien's departure.

Details were slim on what to expect from the special, but viewers can likely anticipate a strong showing from the many musical numbers and comedy sketches that have gone viral over the years.