NBC Unveils 'Late Night With Seth Meyers' Promo (Video)

Late Night Seth Myers - H 2013

Late Night Seth Myers - H 2013

NBC is kicking off 2014 by promoting its new late-night lineup.

On Saturday, the network released the first look at its upcoming Jimmy Fallon-hosted Tonight Show, as well as an ad for its new edition of Late Night, hosted by Seth Meyers.

In the 30-second spot, Meyers takes viewers on the 30-foot journey from Saturday Night Live's studio to his new Late Night studio.

As the Weekend Update anchor brags about how close his new job is to his old one, SNL's Kenan Thompson shouts that he's stealing Meyers' dressing room.

But when Meyers gets to his new studio, it's not quite ready. In fact, it looks more like a construction site than a talk-show set.

"Oh, I thought this was way closer to being done," Meyers says.

Viewers then get a glimpse of the new Late Night logo, a blue neon sign set against a brick wall, followed by another shot of Meyers on his cellphone saying he's "checking on a desk."

He's got more than a month to get everything up and running.

Late Night With Seth Meyers premieres on Feb. 24.

Watch the full promo below: