NBC Debuts Dramatic First Trailer for Scripted Series 'Siberia' (Video)

The summer drama, about a group of reality contestants, premieres July 1.
Jamie Winterstern/NBC
"Siberia" cast

The first trailer has debuted for NBC's scripted summer series Siberia, which centers on a group of reality contestants.

Siberia takes place more than 100 years after a meteor hits the remote Siberian territory of Tunguska in 1908. Sixteen competitors have descended on Tunguska not knowing the land's mysterious past. When a contestant is badly injured and no help arrives, the contestants realize that strange occurrences are not part of the reality show. With their safety threatened, the contestants are forced to work together to survive.

NBC Acquires 'Siberia' Drama Centered on Reality Contestants for Summer

The two-minute trailer offers a glimpse into the way Siberia is shot and the tone of the series. The obvious comparisons being ABC's mythology-heavy drama Lost and CBS' long-running competition series Survivor.

Questions like "What is the game?" and "What is real?" are at the forefront when things start to go awry. (See: mysterious creatures, deaths, sickness, in-fighting, the list goes on and on.) When one of the contestants bellows "What kind of game is this?!" we get the sense that Siberia delves into some deep, dark -- and possibly horrific -- places.

Siberia, created by Matthew Arnold, hails from Infinity Films with Sierra/Engine Television and Welldone Productions. Michael Ohoven, Slava Jakovleff and Chris Philip serve as executive producers.

Watch the trailer below:

Siberia premieres July 1 on NBC.

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