'NCIS' Star on Gibbs' "Huge" Secret, Season's "Scary" New Threat

Emily Wickersham tells THR about Bishop's "intense" scene with her husband, as they reach a "wobbly point" in their relationship.
Patrick McElhenney/CBS
A scene from Tuesday's 'NCIS' episode, "Troll."

Bishop (Emily Wickersham) has had a tough road of late on NCIS, and things aren't exactly getting easier for her.

Last week on the CBS drama, the NCIS agent joined Gibbs (Mark Harmon) in Afghanistan, where she had her first kill. In Tuesday's new episode, "Troll," she'll come to terms with having to tell husband Jake (Jamie Bamber) about it, which leads to a heated scene between them. 

"You get a glimpse into where they're at in their relationship, and it's a little bit of a wobbly point," Wickersham tells The Hollywood Reporter. "We don't really know how things are going to be with them because I feel like all relationships on NCIS kind of end. ... There's a lot of conflict happening in their relationship." However, she wants to reassure fans that, though their scene is "pretty intense," the couple is "working through things."

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As the episode's title might suggest, "Troll" revolves around a cyber mystery, with the team figuring out if a Navy ensign's murder is due to her career or her volunteer work as a high school basketball coach.

"We're trying to discover whether this incident that happens is just an isolated incident in D.C., or could it have worldwide implications," Wickersham explains. "All of it is connected to this thing called 'the calling,' which we'll learn much more about [this season]."

Bishop also unearths a big secret about Jake, as it is revealed that he and Gibbs have become tight. "[This is] a huge thing because Gibbs doesn't really talk to anyone," Wickersham says.

Bishop's professional involvement with Gibbs has evolved as well, and Wickersham points out that the tough moments they've endured have brought them closer. "Their relationship — especially after going to Afghanistan — has become stronger. Not that she ever didn't trust him ... but by putting her in the position to go out in the field in Afghanistan — that was a really big step for Bishop," she says.

That said, things typically take a dramatic turn at the end of an NCIS season, and this year is no exception, as NCIS deals with a very dangerous threat. "Towards the season finale, there's some big stuff going on that no one is that happy about because it's scary stuff," the actress promises.

NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on CBS. Let us know in the comments if you think Bishop and Jake will survive their rough patch.

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