'NCIS' Boss on Ned's Death, Finale's "Shocking and Disturbing" Closing Scene

Gary Glasberg tells THR that this season's last episode will find Gibbs and Tony in "some very dangerous territory."
Sonja Flemming/CBS
A still from Tuesday's 'NCIS' finale.

Ned Dorneget's (Matt Jones) death isn't the last of the scary moments for the team this season on NCIS.

The characters on the CBS drama suffered a tough loss when the special agent was killed in an explosion at a Cairo hotel during last week's episode, leading to the arrival of his mother, Joanna (Mimi Rogers).

Executive producer Gary Glasberg tells The Hollywood Reporter that this "heart-wrenching" death helps propel a story arc that will continue through Tuesday's season 12 finale and into next season.

"Gibbs (Mark Harmon) always takes a loss to his team very, very seriously," Glasberg says. "Throughout the next episode and then the season opener as well, [the agents will] all be very focused on catching not only Dorneget's killer but getting to the bottom of this terrorist organization and trying to put a stop to whatever they have planned."

Glasberg reveals that the finale picks up with Ned's mom, a CIA officer who "proves to be an important figure politically and with our group," and then it sees Gibbs and Tony (Michael Weatherly) finding themselves in "some very dangerous territory."

"[The finale] continues down the road, building the relationship between Gibbs and this young man Luke (Daniel Zolghadri), and then carries us all the way through to a very shocking and disturbing season-ending moment," Glasberg says.

NCIS' season 12 finale airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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