'NCIS: LA' Boss Talks Key Scenes for Big Two-Part Season Finale

NCIS Los Angeles Shane Brennan - H 2012
CBS; Getty Images

NCIS Los Angeles Shane Brennan - H 2012

Next week marks NCIS: LA's big two-part season finale -- and as showrunner Shane Brennan reveals, all is not well.

"Brazen is a very good way to describe the actions of the bad guy [The Chameleon]," Brennan shared with The Hollywood Reporter.

There are several pivotal moments during the two-hour third season closer that viewers should pay particular attention to, according to the NCIS franchise veteran. One of them can be seen in the promo that will air following Tuesday's episode.

"We'll see Hetty (Linda Hunt) in a morgue," teased Brennan without much elaboration. "She's astonishing in that scene. That scene is worth the price of admission, as they say."

Another key development that takes place is more for the adrenaline junkies. There is "an explosion," Brennan says. "I want people to know that."

With no real CGI touch-ups or "any foibles" added, the EP revealed that to make the scene happen, the crew employed ten cameras to capture the mayhem: "You will hit the rewind button on the DVR and say, 'I need to see that again'."

Last week's Hawaii Five-0 (10.9 million)/NCIS: LA (15.2 million) crossover drew eyeballs and reaction has been positive.

"I know we're really happy with the numbers we got overnight, but I've been too busy to go on the forums and look [at people's reactions]," Brennan says. "The general feeling from people is that everyone enjoyed it, particularly having the Hawaii Five-0 guys come to us."

With the success of the two-night event, the potential for more crossovers in the future is something Brennan is open to.

"It is something that I believe is very contemporary," he says. "I think the audiences are willing to accept crossovers when both shows operate in the same world and that was certainly the case with NCIS and Hawaii Five-0. Having them overlap in terms of crimes was very easy for us to do. Whether or not we'll do more is up to CBS. It's something I'd be very happy to do again."

NCIS: LA airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on CBS.