'NCIS: New Orleans' Creator on Mardi Gras Episode: "We've Pulled Out All the Stops"

NCIS NEW ORLEANS S01E15 Still - H 2015
Skip Bolen

NCIS NEW ORLEANS S01E15 Still - H 2015

It should perhaps be no surprise that NCIS: New Orleans is centering its Feb. 17 episode on the city's famed Mardi Gras celebration. But viewers might not quite be expecting the direction that the storyline heads in.

Gary Glasberg, who created the Scott Bakula-fronted CBS drama, tells The Hollywood Reporter that this episode, airing on the actual Fat Tuesday, will focus on a side of the festivities that isn't just beads and boobs.

"Because of the influx of tourists and visitors that come through that weekend — it's literally millions of people — a lot of the police presence and security presence in the city of New Orleans is very heightened," Glasberg says. "That's all very accurate and very real. So there's a big heist, robbery story that we've put together."

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"It's just a really energized, fun, unique romp that showcases the city in ways that I don't think people will have seen before," he adds. "We've sort of pulled out all the stops."

The episode will also introduce Pride's (Bakula) father, Cassius, played by Stacy Keach. Glasberg says that he was excited to have Keach on the show, as he and Bakula "together are terrific."

"One of the things we learn about Pride's father is that he's actually in prison," Glasberg says, adding that the show will highlight "the complexity of father and son together."

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Other storylines set to develop throughout the course of the series' first season include LaSalle (Lucas Black) and his brother's "heart-wrenching" relationship. Also, Borin (Diane Neal) will continue to appear periodically, with Glasberg calling Neal's performance "a delight."

Glasberg has additional "twists and turns planned" for the rest of the season, but his primary focus at the moment is on letting viewers "start to invest and continue to connect with these characters and want to see them on a weekly basis." That said, fans shouldn't get too comfortable. 

"Just when you think things are smooth and easy, and you think you know what to expect, I always like to throw a wrench into things and surprise people, so there will be some stuff along the way that you didn't see coming," he warns.

NCIS: New Orleans airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on CBS.

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