'The Neighbors' Celebrates Halloween With 'Sex and the City' Homage (Exclusive Videos)

ABC's alien comedy The Neighbors is offering its take on Halloween.

In two first looks at the Oct. 18 episode exclusive to The Hollywood Reporter, Larry Bird (Simon Templeman) comes up with the idea to combine two of his favorite holidays, Halloween and Chanukah, for what he dubs "Challoweenukah."

How does this new holiday work? Eight days of candy, dreidels, pumpkins and miracles (represented by an image of a kitten draped in pearls). Watch the scene above.

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Meanwhile, over at the Weaver household, they're coming up with the "perfect family Halloween costume" to celebrate the ghoulish holiday.

Naturally, they come up with what seems to be the "perfect" solution: the cast of Sex and the City!

Young Abby (Isabella Cramp) does her best Samantha impression -- complete with blonde wig, heart-shaped shades and large gold earrings. "I don't know what looks more delicious, that Cosmo or that hot Serbian …," she says in that unique Samantha drawl. Will they go through with it? Watch the scene below.

The Neighbors airs Fridays at 8:30 p.m. on ABC.

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