Watch Neil Patrick Harris' 'American Horror Story' Debut

Neil Patrick Harris AHS Freak Show - H 2014

Neil Patrick Harris AHS Freak Show - H 2014

Neil Patrick Harris is bringing his magic to FX's American Horror Story: Freak Show.

The Oscar host and former How I Met Your Mother star has a two-episode arc as Chester, the new owner of Elsa's (Jessica Lange) titular freak show.

And while Harris' character is certainly bringing a bag of tricks to the series, Chester also seems to have taken an interest in Bette and/or Dot (Sarah Paulson).

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"We may be just off the farm, but we can tell when a man is flirting with us," she tells him.

While his intentions are unclear — Bette and Dot would make an excellent distraction — it's unclear if they'll be able to survive their encounter with the new boss in town, who has an affinity for his "dummy."

Harris landed the role after pitching a specific vision for a character to showrunner Ryan Murphy, who told reporters in October the actor had "very specific ideas about what he wanted to do."

Check out Harris' debut, below.

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As for whether or not Paulson's Bette and Dot can survive the season, the actress recently told THR that she hopes both can make it through Freak Show. "Do I like that so far I'm the only actor in the history of American Horror Story to survive every season? Yes, I do. Is that going to last? I really don't know. I like the title, though — believe me!"

American Horror Story returns Wednesday, Jan. 7, on FX. Click here to read our interview with Angela Bassett.

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