Neil Patrick Harris' Slip-Up With President Obama (VIDEO)

The actor made a first-rate gaffe when he met the Commander in Chief in Washington.
Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

The are some situations in which, humor, is not the answer. 

That's what How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris learned when he opted to make light of his first meeting with President Barack Obama

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NPH was in Washington to host an LGBT-related event for the DNC when he had the opportunity to meet the President right before going back on stage to resume hosting the show. 

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"Boom, you turn around a curtain and there's the friggin' President of the United States," he told Late Night's Jimmy Fallon. "Any you quickly panic because, what do you say, right? And I'm assuming everyone feels that when this happens." 

According to The Smurfs actor, he quickly did a mental rundown of choices. "Do you say, 'Such an honor, nice to meet you sir'? Or do you say something familial? I didn't know." 

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But, NPH didn't pick either of those options. "I jokingly, like improv-y-wise, said 'If you don't mind sir, I'm kind of in the middle of something," referring to his hosting duties. 

The President, however, wasn't so amused. 

Watch the video below

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