Netflix Sends 'Arrested Development' Banana Stand on the Road

Bluth's Banana Stand - p 2013

Bluth's Banana Stand - p 2013

There's always money in the banana stand. And if you live in London, New York or Los Angeles, you might have the chance to see it for yourself.

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In anticipation of Arrested Development's new crop of episodes launching May 26, Netflix is taking one of the comedy's most iconic (and portable) landmarks on the road. Bluth's Original Frozen Banana stand made its British debut Wednesday.

"Meanwhile, the Bluths opened a #bananastand in Wee Britain," the series announced on its official Twitter feed. "Actually, it was real Britain."

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Another post spilled details on the other markets getting a visit from the potassium-rich dessert vendor, with a tease of "special surprise appearances by the Bluth family and friends."

Track the banana stand on the Arrested Development Twitter account -- and recall its significance by watching the below video: