Netflix to Stream Selected TED Talks

Netflix - Generic Image - 2010
Jin Lee/Bloomberg/Getty Images

Netflix has made another move in its quest to reinvent itself.

The streaming video service announced on Thursday that it would package an assortment of TED Talks -- lectures and panels from celebrities and experts -- into 14 themed shows, available to view immediately. They will select more talks and themes going forward.

There are over 900 different TED Talks available for viewing over the web and through download services such as iTunes. Past TED speakers include Bill Clinton, JJ Abrams, Andrew Stanton, and Bill Gates, while smaller, non-celebrity speakers often present at TEDx conferences.

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Thus far, over 700 million Talks have been streamed.

For Netflix, it is the latest step in its push for new and differnet content not dependent on studios and broadcasters. They have put together a number of original shows, such as Steven Van Zandt's Lillyhammer and David Fincher's upcoming (and troubled) House of Cards; in late February, CEO Reed Hastings said that he intends on remaking the service to look more and more like a cable network.