Netflix Unveils 'Chris D'Elia: Incorrigible' Trailer (Exclusive Video)

Chris D'Elia is as incorrigible as ever.

The first trailer for the comedian's upcoming Netflix special Chris D'Elia: Incorrigible gives a taste of what's to come when it begins streaming April 17. D'Elia, who stars as Danny on NBC's Undatable, tackles issues he says he was a little worried to reveal his true thoughts on in his first special, released in 2013.

"I've learned it's OK to go with the unpopular opinion. To an audience, my opinion is who I am," D'Eilia tells The Hollywood Reporter. "Some of the stances I take in Incorrigible are not what I would have taken on my first special because I was too scared or nervous to let people know how I felt. [For] this special, I decided not to shy away from that. I'm not scared of what people might think."

D'Elia is among a number of comics who have turned to Netflix to release their specials, including Nick Offerman, Bill Burr and Aziz Ansari. 

"I feel like I am growing as a performer, and my goal is to make each special a little bit different than the last. My last special was me in my late 20s. This is me in my 30s," says D'Elia.

Check out the trailer at the top of the post.