Netflix's 'Derek' Season 2 Trailer Debuts (Video)

Ricky Gervais' Derek is quite happy with life at the nursing home.

The trailer for the second season of the Netflix show reveals the lighthearted and more serious pursuits of the nursing home's personalities. As the magically kind Derek learns how to use Twitter -- thanks to teen volunteer Vicky (Holli Dempsey) -- and ride a bicycle, lead caretaker Hannah (Kerry Godliman) shares her frustrations about her unsuccessful attempts to have a baby with Tom (Brett Goldstein), after kicking off a romance with the son of a resident in season one.

Another spillover plot of season one? Since Derek made peace with his estranged father , Anthony (Tony Rohr). He's shown moving into the nursing home -- a good thing for Derek, who is no longer bitter about how he left him as a child. "That's the amazing thing about life -- you can just start again," Derek tells the camera.

Familiar faces Dougie (Karl Pilkington) and Kev (David Earl) also appear, as well as a new character named Geoff (Colin Hoult). And, of course, the trailer is filled with quotes of Derek's endless optimism: "I get sad sometimes because I feel sorry for people who ain't as happy as me. I'm lucky. I'm really lucky."

All of the episodes of the new season of the dramedy debut on May 30.