Netflix's 'Marco Polo' Teaser Trailer Reveals Sex, Drugs and Swords

Marco Polo Teaser Still - H 2014
Courtesy of Netflix

Marco Polo Teaser Still - H 2014

Netflix is trying its hand at history with Marco Polo.

The teaser trailer for the forthcoming original series focuses on the famed explorer's early years in Kublai Khan's court.

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"Marco, the blood of an adventurer courses through your veins," he is told in one scene. Speaking of blood, plenty of it appears to be getting spilled in the series. Sex and drugs also abound.

Created by John Fusco, Marco Polo stars Lorenzo Richelmy, Benedict Wong (Prometheus), Joan Chen (Twin Peaks) and Chin Han (Arrow).

The show is produced by Netflix and The Weinstein Company. It premieres Dec. 12 on Netflix.

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