Newest 'Daily Show' Correspondent Tackles Why Young People Don't Vote

Jaboukie Young-White The Daily Show - Screengrab - H 2018

The Daily Show's new correspondent Jaboukie Young-White made his debut on Thursday's episode.

It was announced earlier on Thursday that Young-White, who writes for American Vandal and is a stand-up comedian, was the latest person to be added to The Daily Show team. He joins current talking heads Ronny Chieng, Michael Kosta, Desi Lydic, Dulce Sloan and Roy Wood Jr.

Host Trevor Noah enlisted the help of Young-White on last night's episode to discuss why young people aren't voting. "As young people, we know we should be voting, but we don't seem to be enthusiastic enough, so what can we do to increase the turnouts?" asked Noah.

"Well, first of all, we're gonna need to stop saying 'we' cause you're old," began Young-White, who is 24. After Noah said he was born in 1984, Young-White responded, "Oh, 1984. Okay, vintage millennial."

"See, Trevor, I'm young-young. You're old-young. Kind of like Nick Cannon. Like how old is he? 30-50?" he said. "I have 'Young' in my name, literally right there. Your name is Noah, like that creepy old guy who made those animals f--- on a boat."

Noah asked why young people aren't excited to vote. "What you should ask is why the youth vote is being suppressed," he responded. The host agreed and began to discuss other instances of voter suppression, including the Supreme Court ruling about North Dakota about taxes.

"No, no, no. You're talking about old people shit again, Trevor. No, I'm talking about how voting is designed for old people," said Young-White. "Why do we still use paper to vote? Paper is over. I don't even wipe my ass with paper."

"Why do I have to go out to vote? Can't you just Postmates the election to me?" he continued. "Like, 'Oh, Tony will be here in 20 minutes with my ballot and my seaweed salad?'"

Young-White also criticized the fact that an ID is required to vote. "Where am I about to get an ID?" he asked. Young-White laughed when Noah asked why he doesn't have a driver's license. He answered, "Look, I don’t need a driver's license. My Uber driver needs a driver's license. In fact, if you want my ID, my Uber is the best ID there is. It's got my face. It's got my rating. 4.8. All my driver's license will tell you is where I once lived. My Uber tells you where I'm trying to be."

"Right now I could take any of your phones and be like, 'Oh, they went there, there and there and they took a pool? They're gonna vote for Bernie,'" he said as he addressed the audience.

Noah stated that his response didn't answer why young people aren't excited to vote, while 57 percent of older voters look forward to the process. "Yeah, of course they are, cause 57 percent of their life is just time off. When you're old you have the luxury of free time, you know.  Who else can play chess in a park at 4 p.m.?" said Young-White.

"And why is voting on a Tuesday?" he added. "That's the hardest day to take off, which reminds me: Can I take off next Tuesday?"

When Noah denied his request, Young-White responded, "See, that's what I'm talking about. That's that shit, Trevor." Noah said that there's no election next Tuesday, so he has no valid reason to take off. Young-White responded, "That's not the point."

"You want young people to vote? Make Election Day a national holiday," he suggested. "Like Presidents' Day or Toyotathon."

"Let me get this right. If America adopts digital voting and if they allow people to do it from home and they make Election Day a national holiday, then young people will definitely vote?" asked Noah. "Oh no. Why would I spend my day off voting? I'm trying to see what this chess park is all about," said Young-White.

Watch the full segment below.