New 'Fargo' Trailer: 'What a Day' (Video)

The latest look at FX's 10-episode limited series teases the relationship between Billy Bob Thornton and Martin Freeman's characters and offers glimpses of Colin Hanks and Kate Walsh.

A new trailer for FX's upcoming limited series Fargo has been released, offering a longer look at the show than the moody 10- to 30-second teasers that have previously been released.

The minutelong video opens with Martin Freeman's Lester Nygaard raising his head in a hospital waiting room, sporting a bloody nose.

"What a day," he says.

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The 10-episode series inspired by the Coen brothers' film of the same name takes place starting the day after Frances McDormand's sheriff character, Marge Gunderson, wakes up after solving the case depicted in the movie.

Freeman plays the bumbling salesman portrayed by William H. Macy in the movie.

The teaser also highlights the relationship between Billy Bob Thornton's Lorne Malvo (played by Steve Buscemi in the movie) and Freeman's Lester and offers an extended look at newcomer Allison Tolman, who plays Bemidji, Minn., deputy Molly Solverson.

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The series, which premieres on April 15 at 10 p.m., follows a new "true crime" story, with the humor, murder and "Minnesota nice" of the movie. The show will also follow what happens to Lester following a shocking decision he makes during the premiere.

The FX series also stars Colin Hanks and features Kate Walsh in a guest role, both of whom get moments in the trailer, with Walsh's widow saying she's glad her husband died and that she's going to sing at his funeral, launching into a series of "la, la, la"s before collapsing into tears.

Watch the full trailer below.