PaleyFest: 'New Girl' Star Jake Johnson Forecasts Nick's Rough Road (Video)

Tuesday's episode of New Girl finds Nick (Jake Johnson) upside down in a gynecologist's stirrups.

It's a little unusual but hardly the least-dignified position the series has found the under-employed, perpetually heartbroken and incredibly anxious character this season.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter at the show's PaleyFest event, Johnson says a back injury forces Nick to the only doctor who will see him for free. It just happens to be a lady doctor.

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"Nick's in a little bit of trouble," he says of the law school dropout. "I think his only hope is that he thinks of himself as a little bit of an inventor. Hopefully one of those inventions hits. Otherwise, he's got no backup plan."

And employment isn't Nick's only worry. Recently being dumped by Julia (guest Lizzy Caplan) sent him into yet another emotional tailspin, something he swears he doesn't exaggerate.

"It's pretty scripted," he says, laughing. "It'll say 'Nick breaks down, falls to his knees.'"

As for Caplan, four episodes is likely all fans will see from the Party Down alum who recently nabbed a co-starring role on Showtime's Masters of Sex.

"It sucks, she's so good," Johnson says of her speedy departure, adding she won't likely be back.

"I doubt it -- especially be cause she just got on a Showtime show," he says. "It's really unfortunate, because I think she's so good to act with. But you never know. I know that Justin Long might be coming back, and we didn't think he would."

Watch THR's complete interview with Johnson above.

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