'New Girl's' Max Greenfield Previews Fat Flashback, Covers Rihanna

Taking a break from filming Schmidt in his rounder days, Greenfield delivers a heartfelt lip-syncing of Rihanna's new single, "We Found Love."
Isabella Vosmikova/Fox

With the World Series and an expanded X Factor putting Fox series New Girl on hold until Nov. 1, after just three episodes, there hasn't been much to talk about since the Zooey Deschanel comedy's auspicious start.

Well, there's always Twitter.

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Max Greenfield, who plays frequently shirtless Schmidt, recently posted a video while filming in a fat suit. (It’s flashback to his college days when he was better known as “Fat Schmidt.”)

Greenfield also turned the homemade preview into a music video homage to Rihanna, lip-syncing her new single, "We Found Love."

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It starts off fairly straightforward but ends up becoming a bit of a high-concept affair. Watch him gyrate, stare off into the distance and passionately pretend to belt it out. 

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