'New Girl' Writers Talk Moving Jess and Nick Into One Bedroom (Video)

The latest episode, the last for guest star Linda Cardellini, challenges the roommates-turned-couple when they decide to abandon their separate quarters.
"New Girl"

What's one small step across the hallway for Jess (Zooey Deschanel) and Nick (Jake Johnson) proves to be a giant leap for their relationship, when the March 4 New Girl has the two taking their cohabitation to the next level. 

"The difference between living with someone and really living with someone was a fine line that we were trying to walk," says episode writer Camilla Blackett in this behind-the-scenes video. "Even though these two people have lived together for two years, they've always had the safety of their own room. Throwing them in the same room, where they could see each other's weird stuff on a day-to-day basis, was such an eye-opening moment for the two of them."

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The episode, "Sister III," is also the last one on deck for Linda Cardellini. Playing Jess' sister Abby, her shacking up across the hall with Schmidt (Max Greenfield) provides some motivation for Nick and Jess' move.

"Jess is completely fueled with this competitiveness of wanting to prove that her relationship with Nick is so much better than Abby and Schmidt's," adds Blackett.

Judging by the video, and Cardellini's New Girl expiration date, the long term prospects from Abby and Schmidt aren't so good.

Fox airs "Sister III" on Tuesday, March 4, at 9 p.m.