'New Girl' Puts Schmidt Back to Work

New Girl Sept 30 - H 2014

New Girl Sept 30 - H 2014

New Girl gets entrepreneurial on Tuesday night, with Schmidt (Max Greenfield) pitching new business at his company in an effort to get out of the poorhouse — and his shared bedroom with Nick (Jake Johnson).  

"We wanted to launch a longer season of Schmidt trying to be a millionaire and really trying to get his life together," says episode writer Nina Pedrad (sister of Saturday Night Live alum and Mulaney star Nasim Pedrad, by the way).

"Julie Berkman's Older Sister" also introduces Kaitlin Olson in the multi-episode role of Jess' dad's (Rob Reiner) new girlfriend, but the B-story is fixed on Schmidt trying to make a commercial. "One of the first things on our list was that we wanted to get Schmidt’s swagger back," co-showrunner Dave Finkel recently told The Hollywood Reporter. "We went a bunch of different directions with that last year and wanted to flex that muscle and getting him back to that place: He’s the one with a douchebag jar."

New Girl airs at 9 p.m. ET on Tuesdays on Fox; watch the behind-the-scenes clip below.