'New Girl' Finds Its 'Old Nick' in Raymond Barry

Raymond Barry Jake Johnson - H 2012
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Raymond Barry Jake Johnson - H 2012

Nick Miller, this is your life.

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that New Girl has cast the older version of the slightly neurotic character -- and he won't be played by Jake Johnson (33) in makeup. Actor Raymond Barry (73) is set to appear as "Older Nick" in episode 202.

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There is, however, a bit of a twist. Barry isn't playing Nick in a flash-forward or a dream sequence, rather as a man who shows up in his bar claiming to be a time traveler from the future. Nick, an inventor at heart, then listens to his supposed future self drunkenly rattle off details about his history-to-be.

And this isn't the first time Nick has flirted with the space-time continuum. A late season one episode saw him interacting with a circa 2010 (and extremely bearded) VHS version of himself.

Barry, who has appeared in The Closer, CSI and Training Day, has a recurring role on Justified as Arlo Givens. He is repped by MTA.