New 'Girls' Promo: "We Are Going to Get Through This Together"

Girls Season 4 Promo Still - H 2014
Courtesy of HBO

Girls Season 4 Promo Still - H 2014

The latest look at Girls' upcoming fourth season finds Hannah, Shoshanna and Marnie all dealing with their complicated romantic relationships, with Jessa and Adam's sister (Gaby Hoffman) providing some outside commentary.

The preview begins with a voiceover that's soon revealed to be a self-help guru dispensing advice via a YouTube video to a confused Hannah and Shoshanna, who closes the laptop and declares, "We're not watching this."

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It's then revealed that she's still feeling hurt by Ray sleeping with Marnie, but she's dealing with it by taking it out on Marnie.

"You like totally picked the best one of my friends to bone, because I never really liked Marnie," Shoshanna cheerily tells Ray.

Later she's shown telling Hannah that her friendship with Marnie is still at a questionable stage. "You and me and Jessa and/or Marnie, we are going to get through this together."

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Meanwhile, Marnie and Desi are fighting while Hannah tries to get Adam to "go over the plan again."

"The plan is there is no plan," he says.

For more advice, including Elijah mangling a popular book title and mantra, watch the video below.