James Corden's Dad Can't Believe What Time 'The Late Late Show' Airs

"Half-past midnight?!"
AP Images/Invision
James Corden

James Corden's dad was proud of his son landing a nightly talk show in the U.S., until he found out what time the show is on.

The incoming Late Late Show host makes his first appearance on the earlier Late Show With David Letterman on Friday night. In a clip from Corden's appearance, the British comic is seen explaining how his father reacted to the news, revealing that his dad was quite perplexed by the late hour his son's show would be airing.

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After explaining that his father was almost welling up because of all the texts and phone calls and emails after he was named Craig Feguson's replacement, Corden said the confusion and concern set in when his dad asked, "What time's it on?"

"I told him it was on at 12:30, and his whole face just dropped," Corden said. "He couldn't even comprehend that anyone would even be watching television at 12:30, let alone making television that would be on."

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Corden went on to explain that his father just repeated the phrase "12:30" three times, each time sounding more perplexed than the time before and even referring to it as "half-past midnight?!" the third time.

"He was like, 'James, this sounds like a terrible idea,' " Corden said at the end of the clip.