'New Normal' Cast, Creator Tease 'Moving' Season Finale

The New Normal Group - H 2013

The New Normal Group - H 2013

It's baby -- and wedding -- time on NBC's The New Normal, when the first-year comedy comes to a close with an emotional season finale that wraps up on the show's core promise: Goldie delivering Bryan and David's baby.

"We're definitely planning a wedding and a birth, so there's a lot of stuff that's going to happen in the finale," star Justin Bartha tells The Hollywood Reporter. "David and Bryan are trying to plan the wedding and have it be the wedding of their dreams. Their mothers get involved and it becomes harder to do that. David's mother (Jackie Hoffman) will be back and Bryan's mother (Mary Kay Place) is around, so there's a lot of meddling."

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With the wedding comes the return of John Benjamin Hickey (The Big C), who guest starred earlier this season as a priest Bryan (Andrew Rannells) turns to when the father-to-be questions his faith.

With Goldie thisclose to delivering Bryan and David's baby, naturally, not all will go according to plan in the episode, that will also feature an act devoid of dialogue set to John Lennon's "Beautiful Boy."

"You can't have a show where a pregnancy happens in the first episode and not have a birth in the finale," co-creator Ali Adler says. "We're very excited and proud of the very unique way we're doing this. The wedding doesn't happen the way you think and the birth doesn't happen the way you think. It's really very moving."

For her part, Georgia King says Goldie is in a "crazy space" with major life decisions on her plate.

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"She has Clay and Shania to deal with and the baby who's ready to come as well as the boys' wedding," she says. "There's a lot for Goldie to figure out in this episode. It's one of decision-making and life choices. Goldie is finding it more stressful than usual. She's so torn between the old and the new Goldie. She's got her first and only love -- which is safe and warm and lovely -- then she has a new and exciting and ever-changing future. It's a question of which way does she go."

While the future for the low-rated freshman series remains unclear with NBC expected to make a decision in May, Rannells says the season finale will deliver.

"If for some reason we don't come back, this is a very satisfying way to wrap up what we've done for the past 22 episodes," he says. "Obviously we'd all like it to continue, but if for some reason this was the end, we've given a very complete story."

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Says Adler -- whose life along with co-creator Ryan Murphy's is reflected on-screen: "I think there's so many more stories to tell with these people and characters. It's a great episode and I'd like to see many more. We definitely have ideas of where we want to go. We're always happy to continue this journey with this talented cast."

The New Normal wraps up its season with back-to-back episodes starting at 9 p.m. on Tuesday, April 2 on NBC.

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