'New Normal's' Justin Bartha on Parenting Preparations, Weddings and Flashbacks

The New Normal Bebe Wood Justin Bartha - H 2013
Adam Taylor/NBC

On NBC's The New Normal, David and Bryan are nearing baby time as the dads-to-be begin to ponder who would be the best stay-at-home dad.

As the couple has done in the past, co-star Justin Bartha says the duo will throw themselves into a practical situation in which they'll watch Shania (Bebe Wood) and her new group of friends.

"You get to see their different techniques," Bartha tells The Hollywood Reporter. "There's a specific juxtaposition between Bryan (Andrew Rannells) and David's parenting techniques and it starts to hit home: The fantasy of having a child is much different than the realities of having a child."

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As it turns out, David (who is a successful doctor) and Bryan (an equally career-oriented TV showrunner) both want the opportunity to care for their son during his first weeks at home.  

"We both have a fantasy about being stay-at-home dads, quitting our busy lives and taking care of our child," Bartha notes, adding that the couple sends Goldie (Georgia King) off on a spa vacation to test their parenting techniques.

Considering Shania, who is basically an adult trapped in the body of a tweenager, has her first group of school-age friends, it's a given that the bunch will likely present a bigger challenge than David and Bryan are ready to face.

"The fantasy turns into a bit of a nightmare," Bartha says of what the straight-laced David and likely "fun dad" Bryan have planned. "They both have their idea of what fun is. David also has some fun things up his sleeve, and you get to see how each guy tries to relate and communicate to Shania. They have their best intentions in mind but things don't turn out the way they planned."

Beyond this week's episode, Bartha is optimistic that David and Bryan will make good on their engagement and tie the knot this season. "These guys will definitely want to get married before they have their son but it's up to [executive producers] Ryan Murphy and Ali Adler on how they want to time that out," Bartha said, adding that there would be more flashbacks to David and Bryan's respective childhoods.

Are you excited to see David and Bryan face the whirlwind of Shania and her friends? Hit the comments with your thoughts. The New Normal airs Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. on NBC.

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