'New Timers': Watch the Post-Apocalyptic Comedy's First Episode

Creators Matt Porter and Charlie Hankin may prove ignorance really can be bliss
Comedy Central

The apocalypse has never looked so comfortable as in New Timers, the new CC Studios web series from Matt Porter and Charlie Hankin.

It doesn't feel right to call these guys self-obsessed in the way characters in shows like Girls or Portlandia are...maybe just comfortable in their bubble? Either way, the apocalypse doesn't seem to have changed their lives much — they still get bummed over girls and would rather use a rare working electrical outlet to play video games than get a radio working.

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"They are sort of these interesting cartoon character guys," Porter tells The Hollywood Reporter. "While the rest of the world is crumbling around them, their clothes are pretty pristine, they symbolize this blissful ignorance and the tenacity of man's ability to retain normalcy amidst the chaos."

The three episodes in the series were shot over three days. The pair, who have been working together for years, say they'd like to make more if given the opportunity.

"It's not 28 Days Later. It's like 300-Something Days Later. Part of the fun of that is all of the people with the real drive to do something or to fight or change something, they've all picked up and left or they've all killed each other. In our particular neighborhood, we've reached this weird kind of stability and almost routine in the way that not everyone else has. There's something about that ignorance that let's us survive, that we continue to focus on the mundane." 

Watch episode one above, and see more of Porter's and Hankin's work by visiting their YouTube channel. You can also watch episode 2 here, and episode 3 here