New York Comic Con: 'Supergirl' Adds Toyman to Villain Roster

Supergirl - H 2015

Supergirl - H 2015

Supergirl has added Toyman to its list of upcoming villains, showrunner Ali Adler shared at New York Comic Con.

Winslow Schott — a criminal who uses toy-themed devices in his crimes — joins previously announced villains Reactron (Chris Browning), Red Tornado (Iddo Goldberg) and Livewire (Brit Morgan).

Complicating matters is the fact that "there's definitely going to be a relationship between Toyman and Jeremy Jordan's character, Winn Scott," Adler teased.

With Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) making her presence known to the world in the series premiere — and various other nonhuman beings popping up as well — not all of humanity will be content with what is going down. Enter Peter Facinelli's Maxwell Lord.

"He's a billionaire. He wants to save the planet, but wants to do it through humanity," Facinelli said. Maxwell looks at these superheroes as a "distraction," and is very much in favor of humans taking on the threats against them by themselves.

James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks) represents one of the key human figures in the DC universe, and Brooks acknowledged he had some panic about the role while filming the first episode. "He's iconic," Brooks said. "He is the audience [point of view] as it pertains to Superman. All of us could be this person. … I understand what that emotional connection is. Looking at me, you don't think of Jimmy Olsen. … That was really nerve-wracking for me."

"We saw many actors for this role, but we only saw one James Olsen," Adler reassured him.

And given Olsen's established relationship with Superman, Brooks wasn't sure if the show would ever be able to pursue a Kara/James relationship. "You can't go hit on Superman's cousin," Brooks pointed out. "There's a bro code, and he can destroy you … [but] there's an attraction between the two."

As show's premiere rapidly approaches, Adler is thrilled by what they've been able to create. "What's amazing for us is we get to find the alchemy [of the series]," said Adler, also adding that the writers room is evenly split between genders. "Every episode is action, adventure, romance, comedy, and all pulled together."

Supergirl premieres Monday, Oct. 26 at 8:30 p.m. on CBS.