News Team Thinks 'Chicago Fire' Set is Actual Accident Site (Video)

WGN Morning News has egg on its face after falsely reporting live that a TV shoot is a real airplane crash.


A Chicago TV news team is red-faced after reporting live for several minutes on a single-engine plane crash that turned out to be the set of NBC's Chicago Fire.

WGN Morning News anchors Larry Potash and Robin Baumgarten gave viewers a play-by-play on Friday morning of the shocking helicopter footage, showing a downed, wingless aircraft at the corners of Chicago's 29th Street and Martin Luther King Drive.

A few minutes later, the news crew was informed that the scene was actually a shoot for the NBC drama.

"Are you kidding me? They might want to tell the news folks when they're doing this and shutting down King Drive," Baumgarten said, blaming the production for the newsroom gaffe.

"Just to be clear, the other stories in that news block were real. Just the last one, not so much," Potash later said.

Watch the footage below.