'The Newsroom' Final Season Teaser: Could Will Quit?

HBO teased the end of the road for the Aaron Sorkin drama
Melissa Moseley/HBO
'The Newsroom'

As HBO wrapped up True Blood on Sunday, the cabler also previewed the end of the line for another one of its signature original dramas: Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom.

The final season of the Jeff Daniels starrer will bow in November and consist of only six episodes — down from 10 and nine, respectively. The first season-three teaser features no actual footage but uses pages from Sorkin's scripts to preview some major drama to come. A sample:

Will (Daniels): How do you think they're gonna get the whistleblower?

Reese (Chris Messina): He's gonna be sent to jail.

Maggie (Alison Pill): Feel free to fire me.

Will: You induced him to commit a felony. You conspired to commit espionage.

Will: Well … I think it's time for me to quit.

Check out the teaser, below. The Newsroom's final season returns in November.